1. The Quiet Killer – Carbon Monoxide

     Carbon monoxide kills, and even the smallest doses can pose serious dangers to your long-term health. What is really scary is the biology behind the threat. The protein hemoglobin in our blood, if given the choice when the two gases present in the air, will always latch on to poisonous carbon monoxide and ignore life-giving oxygen. This creates circumstances where your body’s cells are essenti…Read More

  2. Chimney Repair Help – Ignorance Can Be Costly!

    On a crisp winter's day, nothing may be as inviting as a nice fire in the fireplace... But did you know that the coziest part of your home may also be the most dangerous? Regular maintenance, preventative measures and repair of your chimney and chimney flue are important in keeping your family safe and warm for years to come. So, we wanted to provide some chimney repair help - even if you don't th…Read More

  3. Is Your Chimney Winter Ready?

    Are you prepared so you don’t have to deal with all those last minute heating stressors and hassles? If not, then it’s time to schedule a cleaning? One of the most important considerations is making sure your chimney is in working order. It’s designed to handle a certain amount of heat – the temperatures of flue gasses. What it’s not designed for is having fires like a chimney fire. So m…Read More

  4. Is There an Animal in My Chimney? Help With “Chimney Animals”!

    So, you are sitting with the family in your living room... when all of a sudden you hear a noise coming from your fireplace or in your chimney. Maybe it was just leaves, right? You light a fire and you hear a sound and the panic of something trying to get out…what is going on?! Well, you just may have a critter taking up residence in your flue. The real question is what type of animal can get i…Read More

  5. Wood for the Fireplace

    September and the cooler temps of fall are nearly here. It’s almost time to again enjoy the warmth and beauty provided by your home’s fireplace, but before you can, you need to get your hands on that all important ingredient – firewood. But what makes for the best firewood? Before you make your first purchase of the season, consider these tips. SEARCH out well-seasoned wood. What do we mean…Read More

  6. Chimney Leaning Prevention

    With most of the country in some drought , it’s easy to see the obvious side effects: dead lawns, suffering crops, increasing bans on fire and water usage. Results are a little harder to see like how drought affects your chimney. Dry conditions can have as negative impact on your chimney as on your lawn. Why? As dry dirt starts to pull away from the foundation of your chimney, it starts to lean…Read More

  7. Having Issues With Your Gas Fireplace? Fix Them Simply!

    While gas fireplaces are usually a great and efficient way to heat your home and create that festive mood... Sometimes they may act up and cause problems. Fortunately, most gas fireplace issues require nothing more than a little troubleshooting. Here are a few common issues, along with suggested fixes to get your gas fireplace working properly again: No Ignition? Check the breaker box and reset an…Read More

  8. Wind and Chimney Performance – Caps and Drafts?!

    Does wind really affect the performance of your chimney? What may cause a draft in your chimney? Does a chimney cap actually DO anything, or is it just for appearance? Let's discuss these issues further, so that you can be more aware of what can allow you to enjoy a safe and well performing chimney/fireplace: Air actually does have weight associated with it - so when it gets moving, it exerts pres…Read More

  9. Chimney Tune Up – CSIA Certified

    The Chimney Safety Institute of America is rolling out a public awareness campaign, starting before National Chimney Safety Week, to provide homeowners with facts and resources so we can reduce the number of unwanted chimney fires during the 2014-15 heating season. The awareness campaign is meant to highlight the need for residents to contact their local CSIA certified chimney sweep for an inspect…Read More

  10. How do you Hire a CSIA Chimney Sweep?

    With temperatures soaring into the fall, a clean chimney or gas fireplace repair is probably the last thing on your mind. But it’s actually one of the best times to schedule your chimney inspection to make sure you’re ready to face those fall and winter temps head-on. At 1st Choice Chimney, we strongly recommend an annual chimney inspection. That being said, we don’t recommend you take on t…Read More