1. Six Signs You Need To Hire a Chimney Sweep

     You may only use your fireplace a few times a year because of Texas’ mild winters, but we still recommend getting your chimney cleaned at least once a year for correct clearances, soundness, and freedom from deposit build-up. If you have a fireplace in your home, then it is essential to have its chimney and firebox cleaned. Instead of trying to remove soot, creosote, and debris from a chimney …Read More

  2. Maximize Fireplace Chimney Efficiency Metro Texas

    Fall is officially here, and with that, many people start to look at their fireplaces and wonder if they need to get a chimney sweep to come inspect it. Our friends at Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop have made this awesome infographic to feature different ways you can maximize your fireplace and chimney efficiency as you prepare for winter. These tips include: Fireplace Damper Control - When it's …Read More

  3. 1st Choice Chimney has a New Location in Austin, Texas

    Request Fireplace Repair From 1st Choice Chimney In Austin, Texas If you live in Austin, Texas, 1st Choice Chimney is coming to you! Opening a new location in Austin, our chimney sweeps clean your home’s chimney and fireplace to prevent a creosote blockage that can lead to a dangerous internal fire. Customers can count on 1st Choice Chimney when they require a fireplace repair or other vital ser…Read More

  4. Why You Should Hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep

    When you are hiring a chimney sweep for your home, make sure that the technician has the proper education to perform this important job. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) offers training and certification for chimney sweeps across the United States. At 1st Choice Chimney, we make sure that all of our chimney sweep technicians maintain their education to provide the best service in the…Read More

  5. Let us at 1st Choice Chimney teach you what you need to know about Dallas chimney sweep services.

    There are many things that you need to know about your chimney in order to asses if it is in proper working order. 1st Choice Chimney has gathered a few past blog posts that highlight what you need to know about Dallas Chimney sweep services and your chimney. They will address the subjects of: CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep What Creosote looks like after it is removed Brick Mason Fireplace What the …Read More

  6. CHIM CHIM CHER-EE… Which Fireplace Is Best For Me?

    “A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be…” But, actually, the person that has his/her chimney swept out is the lucky one! Chimney sweeps are the people who clean ash and soot from chimneys. Chimneys may be straight or contain many changes of direction. During normal operation, a layer of creosote builds up on the inside of the chimney restricting the flow. The creosote can catch fire, setting t…Read More

  7. CHIMNEY Smell

    We've all been at one moment or another to the wrong side of someone else's morning breath. Morning breath is a fairly good indicator that somebody must clean their teeth. It is this same powerful principle at play when a householder encounters "masonry breath." Masonry Breath is a market phrase for the odor given off by the creosote that builds up in a chimney during the home-heating season. In…Read More

  8. Masonry Rules

      It's well regarded that brickwork fireplaces must match with the 3-2-%10-10 rule This rule indicates they need to go 3-feet above the roof transmission on the side that is least, as well as the very top of the fireplace should be 2-feet higher than any part of the creating construction within 10-feet. This peak requirement of brickwork fireplaces next or infiltrating to roofs that are pitched h…Read More

  9. Is your mason chase height correct?

      Is your chimney chase the correct height? The Chimney Safety Institute of America acquired this query by e-mail from a Certified chimney-sweep with regard to some householder: "Just desired to get your take with this. This client for for approximately 2 weeks and The homeowner've been speaking today about repairing his fireplace. It comes from the peak of the home and is 27-28 inches high - in…Read More

  10. fireplace air

    Fireplaces air out not more than Chimneys - and are necessary for healthy environments We loathe to determine what allegedly happened this week in Lancaster County, PA considering air quality -- but the episode is illustrative of an essential public safety problem! Photo screen grab shot from Lancaster Online Picture screen grab taken from Lancaster Online The incident? Carbon monoxide from a chim…Read More