1. The topdown burn up

    The topdown burn up. Why a CSIA educator states it is the easiest solution to utilize your firebox Flavored lumber being prepared to get a top down burn off. Ready to discuss top burns off that are down? Some awesome days are signs that Autumn is just nearby, though the warmth of July and September has not made us. "It is maybe not shoved very much, but any of us that remain (skilled builder/heart…Read More

  2. How to clean your fireplace

    Are you thinking of cleaning your fireplace? Take it from a Dallas chimney sweep company - it’s a dirty job! But you can clean your fireplace like a pro with our fireplace cleaning tips below. We would be remiss if we didn’t try to plug our Dallas chimney sweep services first. If you feel that cleaning your fireplace may be more of a job than you want to take on, call a professional chimney sw…Read More

  3. Avoiding a masonry scam: CSIA

    Avoiding a masonry scam: Press guides for home-owners to use CSIA Its audience are being warned by a Lancaster, Philadelphia news firm about a rise in complaints affecting heater and chimney repair scams. WGAL-TV, Channel 8, broadcast a report Dec. 16 that provides suggestions for home-owners that are of use to all customers, coast to coast. "To shield your self as well as your cash, prevent conse…Read More

  4. Reasons your Fireplace Doesn’t Work

      Visualize it: Sounds ideal, right? That is, until stated fireplace does not operate as expected. So what do you do? There must be at least 100 reasons why your hearth may not operate properly. The following is a very simple record of the more common causes your hearths is not operating: Your damper's not open. Eventually, nearly everyone forgets to open the damper. However, it may not be your m…Read More

  5. Not All Logs Are Created Equal

    As the season begins changing and the weather starts getting colder, you may have to reconsider your firewood and its efficiency in your home and your hearth. Not all firewood is created equal, however, as their effectiveness can vary. Consider these strategies prior to making your first buy of the period. Search For Well-Seasoned Timber  What can we imply by well-seasoned? Properly, these would …Read More

  6. Here in Texas, the first step in house fire prevention is to get your chimney swept regularly!

    House fires are terrifying, dangerous, and the results are devastating. These fires consume your prized possessions, your treasured pictures, and in particularly tragic instances they can destroy families. When so many of these fires stem from avoidable accidents and negligence there is no reason not to make safety your number one priority. At 1st Choice Chimney in Texas, fire preventions is our a…Read More

  7. Chimney Fire Prevention here in Texas can save homes, properties, and lives!

    1st Choice Chimney wants you to know that one of the most common causes of house fires is a buildup of creosote and other flammable residues in your chimney. Sweeping is recommended a minimum of once a year and every six months if you heavily burn wood and coal. Although the cost of sweeping adds up over time here in Texas, fire prevention is a minimal hassle when compared to the tragic inconvenie…Read More

  8. Is your chimney smokey?

      Story of a smoking chimney, a video camera, along with a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep in Hot Springs Ralph wished to share some images with us of a chimney now is being worked on by him. The back story: Ralph's dad video- supplied a play to mend the chimney, and studied a customer's chimney 20 years past due to a chimney fire. The homeowner got someone to do the job, yet, also it seems like tha…Read More

  9. Smelly Chimney?

      Summer scent? A pro on what could be creating smell or that smelly masonry in the hearth It is just a little-recognized truth that while we adore our wood-burning fireplaces, they could smell. Particularly in the warm weather weeks. Occasionally, that smell from the fireplace is caused by an animal attack -- critters which have made their way to the flue (and perished, or left out unmentionable…Read More

  10. Labor of Love for CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps

    It is a labor of love for CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps As we approach the vacation of this year, the Chimney Safety Institute of America desires to thank the enthusiastic professionals who make up our business. We're proud to function chimney sweeps nationally as the resource for professionalism, ethics and business education, but we could not do what we do without the sweeps' community. We put t…Read More