Request Fireplace Repair From 1st Choice Chimney In Austin, Texas

If you live in Austin, Texas, 1st Choice Chimney is coming to you! Opening a new location in Austin, our chimney sweeps clean your home’s chimney and fireplace to prevent a creosote blockage that can lead to a dangerous internal fire. Customers can count on 1st Choice Chimney when they require a fireplace repair or other vital services such as:

  • Fixing fireplace covers and dampers
  • Repairs of chimney crowns, caps and liners
  • Expert chimney sweep and fireplace cleaning
  • Fireplace and chimney inspections

Each of our chimney sweep technicians is certified to inspect and repair the fireplaces and chimneys that are located in a commercial or residential property. Inspecting or repairing a chimney or fireplace may seem like a simple task, but these jobs are complicated. If a chimney’s stack or a fireplace is repaired or cleaned incorrectly, then a blockage can occur, making it impossible for sparks or smoke to escape.

Reasons to Hire 1st Choice Chimney in Austin, Texas for your Chimney or Fireplace

When sparks remain inside a chimney shaft, a large fire can develop inside the structure. In addition, if smoke does not rise from the fireplace to the rooftop’s chimney, then carbon monoxide can enter a building, causing respiratory distress that may lead to death. Many of our customers forget about hiring a professional chimney sweep at least once a year because they rarely use a fireplace in our warm Texas climate, but when the colder weather does set in, you are going to want the reassurance that the building’s chimney and fireplace are well taken care of, and in good condition.

If you want to light a fire during the winter in your Austin business or home, then there is no reason to wait until it is cold outside to hire a chimney sweep. During the summer, a chimney sweep can use a ladder to reach a building’s rooftop to determine if a smokestack has any problems that require a repair. While a chimney sweep inspects a chimney, they also look at a building’s roof to make sure there are no holes where smoke can enter. A chimney sweep will drop a camera into the smokestack to see if the metal liner is in perfect condition to help prevent dangerous internal fires, and inside your home or business, a chimney sweep inspects each fireplace in order to make essential repairs to its damper, flue or firebox.

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