Summer Chimney? One thing most people don’t think about in the summer is getting their chimney clean, right? It just doesn’t seem to be that important around vacation time and keeping the kids busy. However, it is actually one of the best times of the year to get it done and out of the way! Here are a few reasons WHY:

1 – You Are Probably First in Line

Because so many people wait until the weather starts to turn to even think about getting the chimney swept, when you call and make that appointment, you probably will be able to have it completed immediately. There’s no waiting weeks for someone to get out to you. A certified CSIA sweep can come out at your convenience and not when their schedule is booked up.

2. – The Early Bird May Get a Discount

Most companies that have seasonal businesses run specials during their offseason. For the person looking for a deal, it’s a natural time to go to the website or call the company and see what type of special is running. For those who need a deal this is a must time of the year to get services like chimney inspections and cleaning completed at a possible reduction in cost… Who doesn’t love a discount?

3 – Sweeping Early Can Reduce Odors and Other Issues

When the heat of summer mixes with creosote, soot and ash – it can cause a nasty odor in your home. Add that to down drafts that can come down the chimney appliance and you have a mix for some very uncomfortable, smelly days that sprays won’t cover up or eliminate. The short and right answer is to eliminate the creosote, soot and ash as soon as the freeze/thaw cycle is over.

If you add in a chimney leak or water of any kind, the odor becomes even worse. If this damp mix is left for long periods of time, mold can develop, which nobody wants.

So there are some very good reasons to get your chimney cleaned during these hot summer months. Let the professionals here at First Choice Chimney handle to heat and get your chimney and fireplace clean and ready for the winter now: 817-791-4606