Squirrels, birds, and other forest creatures may seem cute until they end up building a home in your fireplace, that is. Unless you’re a Disney princess with the ability to talk to animals and make them help you clean your house, they shouldn’t be living with you in your chimney. If you have noticed any scampering of little feet above you, or little chirps that seem like they’re closer than they should be, consider calling 1st Choice Chimney for quality and expert chimney inspections and chimney sweeping services. Here are some compelling reasons why you should clear your chimney of any fur creatures that have made it their home. 

Acts As Pest Control

Parasites are probably intruding on your house, touring on these bad animals that are trapped. To put it differently, there is an excellent chance your liveable space that is tidy and neat is now running with mites, ticks, bugs, and other annoying insects that bottom trips on the layers and templates of these creatures that are cute, fuzzy.

It Helps With Proper Venting

Animals who have found your chimney to be an adequate home are actually preventing your chimney from venting correctly. This can decrease the efficiency of your fireplace and your chimney. Further, it can lead to a build-up of smoke in your house and a build-up of creosote.

Get A Cover

The solution to that particular query is not difficult: Get a masonry cover. A masonry cover using a wire net is little enough while nevertheless letting smoke and other combustion products to flee through the very best to keep out smaller creatures like birds and bats. Masonry caps are among the most effective ways as animal blockage also retains water and detritus from falling down the flue to stop it. You may feel like you do not need to act quickly in getting the animals out, thinking that if they got in there, then they certainly would be able to get out. In reality, however, many animals, like birds, squirrels, and raccoons who find themselves in your chimney are most likely trapped, and end up perishing in there. We understand that removing animals from your chimney is a hassle, so taking preventative measures can save you time and money in the future.

When your chimney specialists at 1st Choice Chimney come and inspect your chimney, ask them to install a fireplace or chimney cap for safe measure. Your chimney tech will be able to ensure your cover is functioning correctly in keeping unwanted pests out, allowing for optimal function of your chimney. Contact 1st Choice Chimney today to schedule a  free consultation and expert chimney services.