Have Your Home’s Chimney and Fireplace Inspected

At 1st Choice Chimney in Texas, we know that many of our customers wait until a dangerous event occurs before they request a fireplace inspection and chimney repair. When a building’s chimney and fireplace are in bad condition, it is possible for carbon monoxide to enter a home, leading to respiratory distress. In addition to the respiratory stress an ill-maintained chimney causes, a dirty chimney or fireplace that is lined with creosote and debris is more likely to have an internal fire start and burn through the entire structure. It is important to be proactive about having your home’s fireplace and chimney inspected, cleaned and repaired at least once a year.

Hire Certified Technicians

When a homeowner decides to contact a professional chimney cleaning company, they must make sure that the individual who performs the task is certified. A modern chimney sweep undergoes rigorous training to understand the proper way to remove the debris from fireplaces and chimneys. A fireplace and chimney may seem like simple devices from the outside, but inside them, there are numerous mechanisms that require specialized care.

Call Us Annually 

Anytime is a good time to have a fireplace inspection, but if a homeowner notices a problem, then we recommend contacting 1stChoice Chimney right away. It is especially important to have a home’s chimney and fireplace cleaned in the autumn before it is needed for the holiday and winter season. A chimney sweep will check a fireplace’s firebox, damper, and shaft with video equipment, as well as inspect the rooftop’s chimney for blockages or damage. One of the most important aspects of hiring a technician to inspect the chimney and fireplace is having the devices cleaned.

Debris Is Removed and Collected for Disposal

Fireplace and chimney cleaning is a dirty job, and the debris that is scrubbed away from the interior surfaces of the devices are dangerous to breathe. The filthy creosote along with other debris is removed with large brushes that the chimney sweep can insert into the fireplace’s firebox or the rooftop’s chimney. Some of this debris is suctioned into containers for safe disposal at an off-site location, but a lot of the creosote will trickle down a home’s chimney. To protect a client’s carpets and furniture, we make sure to place tarps on the surfaces to capture all the debris.

Technicians Check the Roof and Chimney Cap

After the debris is removed from the fireplace and chimney, it is important for a technician to complete a new inspection. In some cases, it is easier to determine if a chimney or fireplace has a problem when the greasy creosote, ashes, and wood chips are removed from the structures. In addition to making sure that a home’s chimney and fireplace are in top-notch condition, a technician will look at the roof and the chimney cap. When a home’s roof has holes, smoke from the chimney can enter a building’s attic or wall spaces, leading to carbon monoxide contamination. A chimney cap is designed to keep rain, ice, or snow from entering a chimney’s shaft, and it will also keep wildlife such as bats, squirrels, and birds from entering the structure. If animals enter a chimney, then the creatures can build nests that block the smoke from the fireplace’s firebox.

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