What Is Masonry Construction?

Masonry construction is one of 1st Choice Chimney’s newest services. “Masonry” refers to the units of material that make up a chimney, fireplace, or fire pit. It can refer to marble, stone, concrete, granite, limestone, and more. Masonry repair and construction comes in when the structure of masonry deteriorates, as it naturally will over time. Repair includes upkeep, replacement, and looking after any of the materials that make up your chimney or BBQ pit. Here at 1st Choice Chimney, we repair the brick and mortar on your fireplace as well as on a fire pit or outdoor kitchen to ensure that they are in top condition. We not only help make your home and outdoor patio more aesthetically pleasing, but keep you protected from fires, and costly damage that can occur to your fire pit, chimney, and fireplace.