Fireplace Installation Tips For Different Types of Fireplace Units

So, what are some various kinds of fireplace units and styles, and how do you install each kind? Let’s discuss this critical choice for your home:

Wood Burning Fireplaces and Stoves

For some, there simply isn’t any substitute for a nice wood fire. To install these accurately, you’ll need a working fireplace unit and also a suitable region in your home to oblige the unit. Likewise, you’ll need to take additional safeguards in regards to flame risk avoidance, including legitimate screens, entryways, and non-flammable floor and divider materials encompassing the chimney or stove where fitting. Contingent upon the kind of wood blazing chimney and shelf you pick, there may likewise be other stylish and useful stone work or development work that needs to be carried out too. These are the kind that usually installed when a home is built, or by a certified professional.

Vented Fireplaces

An alternate famous fireplace style is a vented regular gas or propane chimney. These chimneys are exceptionally vitality effective, clean blazing, incredible for warming a room or home, and can without much of a stretch be introduced pretty much anyplace with a decent set of devices and a little offer assistance. You’ll have to remove a range for the chimney to be introduced, run power and gas lines to the chimney, assemble a vent prompting the outside of your home, and introduce a shelf. The greater part of these undertakings are inside an accomplished do-it-yourselfer’s capability to finish, however at whatever time you’re working with power or characteristic gas, its best to get an expert amid those periods of the establishment.

Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Ventless gas models oblige all the same chimney establishment techniques as vented, less the requirement for a vent to the outside. Be careful with utilizing these models recklessly, be that as it may. In the event that utilized appropriately they are sheltered, prudent and good for rooms that generally wouldn’t be suited for a chimney. Since they vent straightforwardly into a home, notwithstanding, they can result in genuine dampness development, carbon monoxide harming, and even death when utilized the wrong way. So make sure to use caution and use correct installation instructions.


Electric units are fairly simple. With an electric unit, you have to cut a gap, wire in the unit, and introduce the shelf. That is it! Since it warms with power there aren’t any harmful emanations to dispose of, keeping in mind it’s not exactly the same as a true fire, the glimmering light and high temperature they deliver make these false fireplaces the ideal to a family room.

Conversing with a Professional

In the matter of proper fireplace and chimney establishment, its highly recommended to counsel with a professional. Keep in mind, whenever you’re installing a fireplace – you’re managing ignitable gasses, power, and conceivably risky discharges, and potential flame perils. That’s why we would encourage you to give us a call here at First Choice Chimney, so we can give you the guidance and help to accomplish anything safely and properly: 817-791-4606