While gas fireplaces are usually a great and efficient way to heat your home and create that festive mood… Sometimes they may act up and cause problems. Fortunately, most gas fireplace issues require nothing more than a little troubleshooting. Here are a few common issues, along with suggested fixes to get your gas fireplace working properly again:

No Ignition?

Check the breaker box and reset any tripped breakers you run across. Open the gas valve if it’s closed to restore gas flow. If this doesn’t do the trick, check your propane supply or ensure the natural gas lines to your home is operating correctly.

Pilot Light Failure?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to relight the pilot. A strong draft can blow out the pilot light. To prevent it from happening again, make sure the vent cap is secure. Repair or replace it if necessary. If the gas fireplace still refuses to light or stay lit, the wiring or thermopile may be damaged. Contact a professional (First Choice Chimney 817-791-4606) for help.

Burner Trouble?

Make sure the thermostat is set properly. You may need to hire a service technician to clean the dirty pilot light orifice or burner jets. Test the circuitry to ensure the voltage is not low. Test and potentially replace the thermocouple.

Weird Odors?

Clean the fireplace, remove any chimney obstructions and clean the flue. If you smell burning wires or an odor you suspect may be gas, shut off the fireplace, vent the house and consult a professional for help.

Strange Sounds?
Adjust the flame to counter low rumbling noises. Clean the burners in response to roaring sounds. Repair or replace the blower, if your fireplace has one… to get rid of grinding or strange noises.

Big Amount of of Soot?
You can adjust the airflow according to the manufacturer’s instructions to help increase oxygen flow and decrease gas flow. This causes the flame to take on a bluish tint, but if excess soot is a problem, the less authentic look could be worth it. Conduct a chimney inspection and remove any bird nests or other blockages you find.

You may be able perform many of these “fixes” yourself. For any troubleshooting tips that seem over your head (or you would rather not deal with), contact us here at First Choice Chimney, and we would be happy to come out, check for any issues, and correct them for you quickly: (817) 791-4606