A gas fireplace certainly has its pros and cons. While millions of Americans around the country are warming their feet by the fire when it gets cold out, one can’t help but to wonder how we came to where we are now – the age of remote controlled fireplace.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a gas fireplace like the next guy does, but, there is something about the smell of dried mesquite burning in a brick fireplace that really gets our nostalgic juices flowing.

So what’s better in your opinion? Gas or wood burning fireplaces? Before you read any further, please take a second to answer a brief Google+ poll.

Pros of a gas fireplace

Well, this should be pretty easy to answer. A gas fireplace allows for the following:

  • No ash and no creosote to clean up.
  • Gas fireplaces are controllable in an instant. If you need more heat, you can “turn it up.”
  • Natural gas is clean burning and that is good for the environment.
  • Natural gas is relatively inexpensive and is piped right to your house.
  • Natural gas is an efficient source of heat.
  • Gas fireplaces are usually aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of options and can be upgraded.

Cons of a gas fireplace

While gas fireplaces have revolutionized the way we heat our homes, there are those who are unwilling to let go of the more primitive means of warming their living spaces.

  • A gas fireplace only works if you have electricity or natural gas. Without those, you’re going cold.
  • A faulty gas line connection is very hazardous and can cost some cold hard cash to fix.
  • Natural gas burns clean without odor. Not good for those who like the way burning wood smells.
  • You cannot burn wood in a gas fireplace. Duh.
  • Gas fireplaces can cost more money in upkeep and maintenance while wood burning fireplaces typically only need to be cleaned once a season.
  • Gas fireplace remote controls can be lost. Lost remotes = no fires.

So what’s it gonna be this season? Gas or wood? 

Whatever you choose, remember that 1st Choice Chimney is Dallas’ premier chimney sweep and gas fireplace installation and maintenance specialist. We do it all! Call us today and set up an appointment to have your gas or natural fireplace inspected so that you can enjoy reliable and comfortable heat anytime of year.