Best tips for chimneys that are safer

Before you retire for the night be sure embers are correctly put-out.
Maintain flues and chimneys clean and well kept.
For those who have recently exposed or or just around to begin to make use of a fireplace, ensure a competent person inspects it.
Use hardwoods only when combusting wood. Never burn cardboard containers or waste papers.
Inspect your chimney breast, especially in the top area. Ensure it is seem and the fumes or discharges cannot escape through broken bricks or cracks.
Ensure woodburners kept and are installed in compliance with all the directions of the maker.
Make sure enough atmosphere allowing the gas to combust correctly is received by the equipment. Consider having a co detector installed.
To locate your yearly review to be performed by a CSIA Certified Chimney-Sweep, take a look at the zipcode locator on the web site of CSIA.