Flower Mound, TX (PRWEB) January 01, 2013

First Choice Chimney advises consumers to choose their firewood carefully, since it can be crucial to fire safety. Quality seasoned and dry firewood enables your fireplace or stove to burn hotter and cleaner, reducing odor, smoking, and creosote buildup over time.

First Choice suggests that the dryness of the wood should be considered before burning it. Freshly cut wood normally contains 35-50% water and should be seasoned and matured before burning, allowing for a cleaner, hotter burn. Well seasoned firewood is wood that is cut and/or split 6-12 months in advance of use and properly stored. Burning wet wood runs the risk of burning acidic water deposits called “creosote” that form over time, which can be a serious fire safety hazard.

When purchasing firewood, First Choice recommends looking for wood that is heavy due to its thickness instead of its water retention, has dry and cracking bark, and has darkened ends with visible cracks or splits. Beyond the dryness, First Choice Chimney says that all wood has the same BTU content, but a cord of seasoned hardwood weighs twice as much as cheaper softwood. With this said, the hardwood also contains twice as much potential heat, meaning it is a better investment for consumers.

First choice Chimney also urges customers to purchase firewood in the spring and store it for winter. The storage of firewood is particularly important as well. Make sure that it is not exposed to rain or snow by keeping it raised off the ground and covered.

Lastly, pay attention to what you are burning. Wood that has been painted, construction scraps, or fence wood should not be burned due to the chemicals that can be trapped inside or on the surface of the wood. First Choice Chimney says that artificial logs are generally safe if used correctly, meaning positioned carefully and used one at a time. If in doubt, make sure to read any instructions and/or warnings before use.

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