Our information is taken by CSIA on the road

The Chimney Safety Institute of America enjoys relationships that are amazing that have many organizations, which we phone our associated trades.

These companies help us get to most people via those on the front line out our safety message – whether that be someone, a fireman, or a home inspector in the hearth business.

At high-level events, we’ll be presenting in April and March.

We are went from March 4-8, to the Fireplace, Patio & Barbecue Association 2014 Expo Ut, in Salt-Lake-City.

Our manager of education Eldridge, will be speaking in the conference, talking about chimney associated issues of interest to numerous attendees at an event which is charged as Northern America’s largest indoor-outdoor living showcase, with producers, providers and business insiders.

While handling our booth we’ll get the opportunity to talk shop with cooker specialists and many fireplace, having the most recent info on where the business is headed.

At HBPA Expo, the Chimney Safety Institute of America may really be worrying to retail merchants of making recommendations for hearth and masonry inspections and repairs the importance.

We’re also seeking manufacturers to add CSIA with their product installation manuals.

Retailers, as an example, told us in 2013 at the Expo show in Orlando which they wanted to be positive that they’re supplying their customer a well-informed and reliable referral. We’ll also be encouraging an affordable and useful business tool: Our Health and Safety Multi-User classes. Any service or retail company in the hearth industry with multiple employees may make use of OSHA requirements to be complied with by them.

From there, the CSIA will then participate, as we always do, as an exhibit or at Innovation 2014, the annual convention featuring hundreds of chimney sweep business experts.

Put-on the National Chimney-Sweep Guild, by our sibling organization, we’ll be talking about the value of industry education, most particularly accentuating the 70 categories that make up our online that is affordable e-learning, also known as the Masonry School. Innovation ’14 will be held in Columbus, Kansas.

In early April, CSIA will have a booth (for the very first time in years) as an exhibitor at the 2014 Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, which will be among the largest expos of its kind, dedicated to our nation’s bravest. Many classes are held that offer first- responders realistic scenarios for instruction.

Venders come revealing the most recent in fire fighting tools and technology. CSIA will introduction a brand new electronic brochure that we trust firemen across the United States of America will spread to victims of fireplace fires. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is in the back yard of the CSIA, and it is a terrific opportunity for us to increase outreach!

Stay tuned to our blog, our media webpages that are social and Sweeping Magazine for shows of those events.