Christmas Fireplace and Chimney Safety!

Are your Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace mantel with care?

Even in the midst of describing a nighttime visit from Santa, the author of the famous poem noted one important aspect of Christmas fireplace safety! Below are some essential Christmas fireplace safety issues to keep in mind during the holidays:

Yes, you can hang the stockings from the fireplace mantel, but ONLY when there is no fire in the fireplace!  Plan on arranging safe places you can move the stockings to when you want to light your fireplace. Some people move the stockings to small hooks on a stairway banister, on a room divider, on a book case, on the molding around an archway between two rooms, or on the inside doors of the television cabinet.

Put Christmas trees safely away from the fireplace. Three feet away from the fireplace is the minimum recommended distance from a fireplace.  Ammonium sulfate, a fertilizer found in the gardening section of hardware stores, can make your fresh Christmas tree fire retardant (though not fire proof). For an average-sized cut tree, mix 9 pounds of Ammonium Sulphate and 2 gallons of water in a bucket. Set the tree in the bucket for 48 hours in a cool, dark place (such as an unheated garage) before bringing the tree inside to decorate.

Christmas presents need to be kept at a safe distance – at least three feet – from a burning fire.  That wrapping paper can go up in flames quickly! Fireplace Gift Baskets are delightful holiday gifts and add a festive charm to the hearth, but because they contain fire starters such as pine cone starters and fatwood fire starters, you will certainly want to keep them not too close to the actual fire.

When decorating your fireplace mantel for Christmas, keep combustible material such as holiday greenery and ribbons safely on the fireplace mantel, not draping over the edge of the mantel. A stray fireplace spark can ignite holiday decorations exposed over the fireplace mantel’s edge unless your fireplace screen is a spark guard.

When it is time to take down the Christmas decorations, don’t burn the Christmas tree in the fireplace!  All that unseasoned pine could start a chimney fire!  Instead, recycle it or haul it away.

And if you haven’t already… make sure you have a  CSIA Certified professional check and clean your chimney before decorating your mantle or starting that warm Christmas fire. Give us a call, and we can inspect and clean your chimney properly, so you can enjoy a safe and warm Christmas: 817-791-4606