Why You NEED a Chimney Cap!

Sometimes, most of us don’t think too much about our chimney or roof – until it’s too late. One big piece of proper fireplace and chimney performance and safety… is making sure you have a properly installed chimney cap (topper) on your chimney!

Here are some of the most critical reasons for this:

1. Reduce moisture

A chimney cap will keep rain water from coming down your home’s chimney. Rain water can damage chimneys with stainless steel liners, chimney dampers and chimney mortar joints. Beyond the damage from the water itself, moisture from rain water can produce mold and mildew.

2. Keep out animals

Animals like birds, raccoons and squirrels often try to make their homes within chimneys. In many cases, these critters will enter the chimney but won’t be able to exit, eventually dying. This can produce maggots, flies and unpleasant odors in your home. A professionally installed chimney cap, sized properly, will prevent animals from entering the chimney.

3. Block downdrafts

If the wind is blowing in a certain direction, it can introduce a downdraft. If you don’t have a chimney cap and you’re using a wood-burning fireplace at the time, a wind-induced downdraft has the potential of blowing smoke back into your home. The flat-shaped top of a chimney cap is designed to help prevent wind-induced downdrafts.

4. Stop sparks and embers

Some people refer to chimney caps as spark arrestors, which basically means that the chimney cap helps prevent lit embers or sparks that travel up the chimney from landing on roof, possibly catching it on fire.

5. Prevent debris build-up

Leaves, branches, twigs and other debris can enter a chimney and build up if a chimney cap is not in place.

Just as the above are important reasons for “having” a chimney cap… you also want to ensure that having it securely installed correctly is at the top of your list as well. This is one of many things that we can help you with, in addition to cleaning and repair work. Just call us today at 817-791-4606